Aleksandra Rechtman – Medicine for the Soul – Nature, Energy and Heart Pathways to Inner Wisdom

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change”

– The Buddha

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Welcome to my website
Would you like to connect to your true essence and live life from an authentic and heart-centred place?
The good news is IT IS POSSIBLE! 
I am an Emotional Clearing practitioner and currently in training to become an IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner. I offer low-cost sessions for people who would like help with their emotions, thoughts and beliefs. I also work with those who need emotional integration following an awakening process. 
My greatest passion is to enable my clients to connect with Self – the seat of consciousness and our deepest core of who we are. When we are in Self we usually experience some or all 8 C’s: compassion, curiosity, calm, clarity, courage, connectednes, confidence, creativity. From that expanded space of Self we can safely and effectively interact with our parts and heal our relationship with them.
It is a beautiful and intuitive work that is everyone’s birthright.
My work is somatic and trauma-informed. I studied with Bonnie Weiss and Jay Earley: “IFS Basic course”, “IFS Exiles training”, “IFS Working with Inner Critic” followed by Life Architect’s training: “Gifts of Exiles” with Paul Neustadt, “Working with Difficult Protectors” with Mike Elkin, “Transcending Trauma” with Frank Anderson. Currently I am enrolled with IFS Institute on their Online Circle 6 months training and due to start my practitioner training with Derek Scott on “Stepping Stones: Comprehensive IFS course”. 
I have been an emotional integration practitioner for the last 20 years, initially using EFT, Emotional Clearing and now IFS. I combine different techniques as everyone’s journey is unique. We might need different approaches at different times in our lives. 
Please get in touch if you would like more information or to book. I work online via Skype or Zoom.